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Sewing Sewcial (April 1-May 31, 2023)

Join 12 shops from across the nation that have teamed up to create an eventful program for YOU! "Visit" each shop to get your pre-cut blocks made with exclusive batik fabrics, pick your favorite finishing kit to incorporate those blocks, enjoy your new masterpiece!

Poppy Quilt N Sew's

"Spix's Blu Macaw"

The inspiration for this block came from the movie “Rio” and is based on the endangered (Blue) Spix’s Macaw. We love this movie in our family and tend to drift towards the color blue, so when the Sewing Sewcial theme was decided, it was a perfect fit for our family-owned shop.

Virtual Shop Hop

Shop Showcase

Join each shop during their Shop Showcase, and with a minimum purchase made from that shop within 48 hours of their Live, you will receive a fun exclusive gift in your package!

April 17th-22nd & May 8th-13th